About Jungler.GG

Jungler.GG's mission is to enhance jungle players' gaming experiences by granting them free insights jungle analytics which are designed to help them improve and win more. 

By having quick access to the best and most popular jungle-viable champion builds , runes, items, and most importantly jungle routes you will be able to improve your strategies. This will ultimately allow you to climb to much higher ranks, as bad jungle paths are often the detriment to a players' ranking.

Jungle Route sources

Jungler.GG's jungle routes and step-by-step pathing images are all results of manually analyzing hundreds of diamond, master, grandmaster and challenger games for each champion. Along with that, we also keep track of all the meta changes related to the League of Legends jungle, as well as playing the game regularly and watching pro player streams for the most popular pro routes. Jungler.GG is kept up to date by high-elo junglers so you never have to worry about incorrect information!
It is worth noting that jungle routes and champion builds are a broad term. League of Legends is a constantly-evolving video game and there is going to be a lot of different variations of champions' builds and jungle clears as each jungle matchup and team composition is different. We provide you the most popular and "core" things that you should know about playing a certain jungle champion, and it is up to you to leverage all of that information.
Every "most optimal" jungle path is circumstantial and we provide you with multiple routes so that you can pick the one which suits your matchup the most. As an example, playing Evelynn into Olaf would mean that starting on the opposite side of Olaf and adapting one of our jungle clears to that would be best, because you don't want to end up on the same Scuttler as Olaf because he can kill and/or deny you access to the Scuttler— which a scaling jungle champion like Evelynn desperately needs.
A lot of work goes into Jungler.GG and we hope that it can become the go-to home of any League of Legends jungle player.