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LoL Pantheon Jungle Path S14, JG Routes, Jungle Clearing Guide And Build

Pantheon Jungle Path And Build

In-depth Pantheon Jungle pathing guide. Find the most popular Pro Pantheon Jungle path, Season 14 jg routes and how to jungle clear with Pantheon as a beginner. Including the highest win-rate Pantheon jungle runes and item build for LoL Patch 14.7
Win Rate
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49 / 54
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Pantheon Jungle Runes

Press the Attack
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stance
Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force
Health Scaling

Pantheon Jungle Items

Skill Leveling Order


Pantheon Jungle Tips and Tricks

  • Pantheon has really strong early game ganks due to his high base movement speed and guaranteed stuns via Shield Vault. This also allows him to outduel a lot of jungle champions which is great because it allows Pantheon to be more confident during invades.
  • Unlocking Grand Starfall makes Pantheon one of the most successful gankers at that level. The enemies will never see Pantheon coming due to Grand Starfall's range and once it gets upgraded it allows him to be omnipresent on every lane.
  • Proper use of Shield Vault and Aegis Assault will allow you to not take Blue Sentinel's and Red Brambleback damage for a few seconds. Use Shield Vault to stun them as they're doing a basic attack and then do a basic attack yourself & follow it up with Aegis Assault to negate their damage while it is active.
  • Comet Spear has low cooldown and decent damage even when it isn't empowered. Use it to your advantage to poke from a range and execute low health enemies.

Challenger Pantheon Jungle Clear

Six Camp Jungle Path Red Brambleback Start Blue Side JG Clear Guide
Six Camp Jungle Path Red Brambleback Start Red Side JG Clear Guide

Pro Pantheon Jungle Path —full clear with a Red Buff start

  • The Pro Pantheon Jungle Path is a full jungle clear with a Red Buff start. This is currently one of the most popular routes for Pantheon as it is very adaptable to different matchups. The Pantheon player unlocks Comet Spear on level one and kills the Red Brambleback. This grants you level two which is used to unlock Aegis Assault. Aegis Assault is incredible here as it negates damage done by the Krugs and Raptors for its duration, while also doing Area of Effect damage that makes them easier to kill. These grant you level three, unlock Shield Vault and path towards the Blue Buff side of the map. Once there, clear the Murk Wolves, Blue Sentinel and Gromp and upgrade Comet Spear. Lastly, kill the Rift Scuttler and then rotate into a gank on one of the connected lanes. If you gank the middle lane, you'll also be able to grab the second Rift Scuttler as well.
  • This Pantheon Jungle Path with the Red Buff start is standard in high elo games because you're not giving up any jungle camps for a potential gank, but are able to rotate into early ganks if needed.

Jungle Route Summary

Six Camp Jungle Path Raptor Start Blue Side lvl 3 Gank JG Clear Guide
Six Camp Jungle Path Raptor Start Red Side lvl 3 Gank JG Clear Guide

Pantheon Jungle Path —full clear with a lvl 3 gank from a Raptor start

  • This Pantheon Jungle Path is a leashless Raptor-start variation of the pro one. It features a full jungle clear as well and you'll want to start with Comet Spear at level one to kill the Raptors. Once they're dead unlock Shield Vault. Shield Vault is better in this pathing because you benefit more from the single target at level two (use the empowered version to then get three quick stacks towards an empowered Comet Spear). Next up, do the Krugs as this will grant you level three & unlock Aegis Assault. Continue onto a gank on a nearby lane and then recall afterwards. Next up path into the Murk Wolves, Blue Sentinel and Gromp to kill them in that order. You're now level four so upgrade Comet Spear.  After killing the Rift Scuttler, path into a gank and if it is middle lane that you're ganking, rotate towards the opposite river to grab the 2nd Rift Scuttler if it is still alive.
  • This Pantheon jungle route is very popular on the Red Team as it paths towards the bottom lane which is very easy to gank with Pantheon.

Jungle Route Summary

Red Brambleback Buff
Gank a Lane
Murk Wolves
Blue Sentinel Buff
Rift Scuttler
Gank a Lane