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LoL Volibear Jungle Path S13, JG Routes, Jungle Clearing Guide And Build

Volibear Jungle Path And Build

In-depth Volibear Jungle pathing guide. Find the most popular Pro Volibear Jungle path, Season 13 jg routes and how to jungle clear with Volibear as a beginner. Including the highest win-rate Volibear jungle runes and item build for LoL Patch 13.11
Win Rate
Pick Rate
Ban Rate
33 / 51
Jungle Rank

Summoner Spells

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Volibear Jungle Runes

Press the Attack
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand
Nimbus Cloak
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force

Volibear Jungle Items

Skill Leveling Order


Volibear Jungle Tips and Tricks

  • Volibear's explosive spell kit makes him one of the most popular junglers at the moment. He has good single target and area of effect clear, great ganks and the ability to soak up a lot of damage.
  • Early game ganks are very important when playing Volibear because he can easily burn the enemy's Flash.
  • Always try to fight the enemy jungler on the first Scuttler as Volibear wins most duels this early in the game.
  • Every Volibear's engage starts with Thundering Smash while trying to predict the enemy's movement and casting Sky Splitter on that location. This will deal damage and slow the enemy just as you stun them and give you a big shield. Quickly cast Frenzied Maul just as you're stunning the enemy as this is the main damage dealing skill that also provides a lot of sustain from the lifesteal on its second cast.
  • Frenzied Maul and Sky Splitter allow Volibear to solo the Dragon— leverage this to get your team ahead!

Challenger Volibear Jungle Clear

Pro Volibear Jungle Path —six camp clear with a Blue Buff start

  • Almost all Pro Volibear Jungle Paths start on the Blue Buff and the Volibear players always start with Frenzied Maul. Killing Blue Sentinel grants Volibear level two, allowing him to unlock Sky Splitter and clear Gromp & Wolves. Clearing these grants Volibear level three— unlocking Thundering Smash makes him very hard to invade as he can duel most champions in the game at this point. Next up are the Raptor and Red Buff camps which he can clear relatively quickly due to the AoE from The Relentless Storm and Sky Splitter. Due to his great clear speed, Volibear can be in the river brush at Scuttler before it even spawns. This grants Volibear river priority that can result in an easy kill if the enemy jungler face checks the river bushes. Killing the rift Scuttler makes Volibear ready to gank a lane connected to the river.
  • Since this Volibear Jungle Clear doesn't grant Volibear level four, he can be set behind quite easily but there's viable alternatives that make this route very adaptable to multiple situations.
  • If the Volibear needs level four, it's possible to clear the Krugs camp instead of the Scuttler. Then the player can proceed to gank a lane and head over to the river to kill the Scuttler which effectively transforms this into a full jungle clear. Another option is to follow the route, kill the Scuttler and gank a lane and then head back to the Krugs.

Jungle Route Summary

Fast gank Volibear Jungle Path —six camp clear with a Blue Buff start

  • This Volibear Jungle Path is a six camp with a Blue Buff start. It also has a really early middle lane gank incorporated into it for bonus middle lane pressure. This can result in future priority over the Scuttler if you get a kill or burn the middle laner's Flash. Start with Frenzied Maul to clear the Blue Buff. Unlock the Sky Splitter next and clear the Gromp & Wolves for level three. This unlocks you Thundering Smash, the main ganking ability in Volibear's spell kit. At this point you can try ganking the enemy middle laner and after doing so, path towards your Raptor camp to clear that, with the Red Buff being next on this list. Lastly, we have the Rift Scuttler in the river and after killing him you try to gank one of the lanes once again!
  • The fast Gank Volibear Jungle Path can go wrong really quickly if you die on middle lane the enemy jungler can easily steal your Raptors & Red Buff, as well as take the Scuttler which can set you behind by a lot.

Jungle Route Summary