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LoL Lee Sin Jungle Path S14, JG Routes, Jungle Clearing Guide And Build

Lee Sin Jungle Path And Build

In-depth Lee Sin Jungle pathing guide. Find the most popular Pro Lee Sin Jungle path, Season 14 jg routes and how to jungle clear with Lee Sin as a beginner. Including the highest win-rate Lee Sin jungle runes and item build for LoL Patch 14.4
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Lee Sin Jungle Runes

Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace
Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight
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Adaptive Force
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Lee Sin Jungle Items

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Lee Sin Jungle Tips and Tricks

  • Lee Sin has a very strong early game and his potential for ganks is limitless. The main goal as a Lee Sin is to pressure the enemy laners with ganks as he's a very mobile champion due to the dashes from Sonic Wave and Safeguard.
  • It is very important to learn and utilize the ward-dash mechanic with Safeguard and a Pink Ward/Trinket as this is essentially a Flash on a 10 second cooldown that will allow you to gap-close and make insane combos.
  • Flurry makes every Lee Sin ability cast grant him two quick basic attacks which return a portion of his energy. Always try to do two basic attacks on an enemy after every spell cast if you're in melee range as this will increase your damage output considerably.
  • Lee Sin is all about the combos and the most common one is: Sonic Wave and Resonating Strike to dash to them, Tempest, Safeguard, Cripple and Iron Will which is followed up with another cast of Sonic Wave— don't forget to cast basic attacks between these skills if you are able to.

Challenger Lee Sin Jungle Clear

Pro Lee Sin Jungle Path —six camp clear with a Red Buff start 

  • This Pro Lee Sin Jungle Path is a six camp clear which means that Lee Sin skips Krugs. The route starts on the Red Brambleback with Lee Sin unlocking Safeguard/Iron Will. After killing the Red Buff and reaching level two, it is preferred to unlock Tempest/Cripple because of the AoE clear which allows Lee Sin to easily clear the Raptor camp. After the Raptors, Lee moves towards the Blue Buff side of the jungle and clears the Wolves, Blue Buff and Gromp. This grants him level three, allowing him to unlock Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike. This makes him dangerous in most duels vs junglers at level three. Scuttler is the last camp in this Lee Sin jungle clear and after that he can choose to gank one of the lanes that are connected to the river.
  • This Lee Sin Jungle Clear prioritizes getting as many camps as possible for the most optimal Gold and XP while making it in time for the Scuttler spawn and being able to duel the enemy jungler on it.
  • The player is also able to gank before going to the Scuttler if there's an opportunity to score an easy kill.

Jungle Route Summary

Fast gank Jungle Lee Sin Path —six camp clear with a Blue Buff start

  • This Lee Sin Jungle Path features a six camp clear that starts on the Blue Buff with Lee Sin leveling Safeguard/Iron Will for the shield and lifesteal. After killing the Blue Sentinel and reaching level two, you will have to level up Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike as it provides much needed single-target damage for the Gromp kill. After Gromp, you clear the Wolves as this provides you with level three allowing you to unlock Tempest/Cripple. This makes you ready to gank, you can do so by continuing to path towards the middle lane and gank it. In the event that mid lane is not gankable, simply continue the jungle route by killing Raptors and Red Buff. Lastly, path towards the river Scuttler, try to kill it and look to fight with the enemy jungler if you're in a winning matchup. After the Scuttler kill, you can attempt to gank one of the lanes once again for even more lane pressure.
  • Most SoloQ players prefer to do this Lee Sin Clear as it can result in easy early game kills which can tilt the enemy laners, whilst keeping up with the jungler's farm and getting a rift Scuttler.
  • The player can also choose to skip the middle lane gank for whatever reason and just clear the jungle instead, making this just a regular six camp route on a Blue Buff start.

Jungle Route Summary

Lee Sin Jungle Path —five camp clear with a Red Buff start

  • This Lee Sin Jungle Path has a five camp clear that starts on the Red Buff with Lee Sin having the shield skill unlocked once again. You'll need to be certain that the enemy jungler is not starting on their Red Buff side for this pathing to work. After killing the Red Buff and reaching level two, you will unlock Sonic Wave for the Blue Buff and Gromp kills. After killing these two, Lee Sin levels up to level three and you can unlock the remaining Tempest/Cripple ability. At this point all of the enemies are level two and you can safely invade (and keep track of the enemy laners as it might be warded!). Steal the enemy jungler's Red Buff and rotate into a gank onto one of the lanes. After that you're free to get a Scuttler kill and go back to the jungle and get any of your remaining camps.
  • The Lee Sin Invade Jungle Path is risky to pull off but it can place your team significantly ahead whilst hindering the enemy jungler as they will not get the Gold, XP or buffs from their Red Brambleback.
  • After doing the ganks and picking up the Scuttler, you can also path towards the opposite Scuttler as the enemy jungler shouldn't have taken it. Kill it and then circle back to your jungle to get even more ahead of the enemy by killing your Krugs, Raptors and Murk Wolves.

Jungle Route Summary