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LoL Gwen Jungle Path S13, JG Routes, Jungle Clearing Guide And Build

Gwen Jungle Path And Build

In-depth Gwen Jungle pathing guide. Find the most popular Pro Gwen Jungle path, Season 13 jg routes and how to jungle clear with Gwen as a beginner. Including the highest win-rate Gwen jungle runes and item build for LoL Patch 13.11
Win Rate
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40 /51
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Gwen Jungle Runes

Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace
Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force

Gwen Jungle Items

Skill Leveling Order


Gwen Jungle Tips and Tricks

  • Gwen's Snip Snip! is best used when you have 4 stacks on the spell's passive as it deals more damage to anyone that gets hit by it. Using Snip Snip! when you've got no stacks will result in little to no damage. Furthermore, try to aim the ability so that its center hits the enemy as this results in the ability doing true damage and applying A Thousand Cuts.
  • Hallowed Mist makes Gwen untargetable and makes her take no damage coming from outside of the mist, including cross-map projectiles such as Jinx and Ashe ultimates. This is really handy when you're doing Dragons, Baron or Herald as you can use the Hallowed Mist to not take hits from enemies and negate any chances of a Jinx stealing the objectives with her ultimate as it will pass through both the objective and you.
  • Skip 'n Slash can be used as an auto-attack reset, always try to use it right after an auto-attack so that you can do a second one really quick for maximized poke.
  • Gwen's Skip 'n Slash is a very short dash, but it does allow you to dash over some of the smaller jungle walls— make sure you know which ones!

Challenger Gwen Jungle Clear

Pro Gwen Jungle Path —full clear with a Blue Buff start

  • The Pro Gwen Jungle Path features a full clear that starts on the Blue Buff with Gwen leveling Skip 'n Slash. After killing the Blue Buff and reaching level two, unlock Snip Snip! as the second skill and clear the Gromp as well as the Murk Wolves camp. At this point the Gwen is level three, allowing the player to upgrade Snip Snip! to level two as it increases the clear speed tremendously. Next up, Gwen clears the Raptors, Red Brambleback and Krugs as this grants her level four— unlocking Hallowed Mist. Being level four, and having Hallowed Mist allows Gwen to fight for the Scuttler or easily go for a gank on one of the lanes.
  • This Gwen Jungle Clear prioritizes scaling by utilizing her insanely fast clearing speed, allowing the player to finish a full jungle route and then pressure the lanes or counter-jungle.

Jungle Route Summary

Gwen Jungle Path —full clear with a Red Buff start

  • This Gwen Jungle Path is also a full clear, but one that starts on the Red Buff, though the skill progression remains the same. Start with Skip 'n Slash at level one and kill the Red Brambleback. After doing so and reaching level two, you will unlock Snip Snip! and kill the Krugs as well as the Raptors. This grants you level three, upgrade Snip Snip! once again and head over to the opposite side of the jungle. Once there, clear the Murk Wolves, Blue Sentinel and Gromp. This places you at level four, unlocking Hallowed Mist and allowing you to get the Rift Scuttler if it's still alive. Afterwards, attempt a gank onto one of the lanes or steal the enemy's jungle camps.
  • The Red Buff start Gwen Jungle Clear is generally easier to pull off and a bit safer as you end up on the river side with more priority. Though, the lower Red Buff uptime after the Scuttler kill makes this route less desirable.

Jungle Route Summary