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LoL Master Yi Jungle Path S14, JG Routes, Jungle Clearing Guide And Build

Master Yi Jungle Path And Build

In-depth Master Yi Jungle pathing guide. Find the most popular Pro Master Yi Jungle path, Season 14 jg routes and how to jungle clear with Master Yi as a beginner. Including the highest win-rate Master Yi jungle runes and item build for LoL Patch 14.12
Win Rate
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Ban Rate
51 / 60
Jungle Rank

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Master Yi Jungle Runes

Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Treasure Hunter
Legend: Alacrity
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force
Health Scaling

Master Yi Jungle Items

Skill Leveling Order


Master Yi Jungle Tips and Tricks

  • Master Yi's Double Strike can be animation canceled by using a skill during the second strike of his melee attack. This means that you can cast Alpha Strike at the start of his second strike to completely negate the need to wait the attack animation to go through— the damage will still be dealt!
  • Alpha Strike is Master Yi's best skill. It can be used to gap-close enemies during ganks as well as catch them if they try to Flash over walls, dodge high damage attacks and spells, negate enemy's ability to CC him and much more!
  • Casting Alpha Strike on a minion during a turret dive will remove the turret's aggro over you (provided you didn't hit a champion with it).
  • Meditation's damage reduction is incredibly powerful as it can reduce all sources of damage by a significant amount, even when the skill is level one.
  • Master Yi isn't particularly strong during the first jungle clear, so try to avoid unfavorable fights on Rift Scuttler. Instead, clear the jungle and rush for the first item because that's when Master Yi starts to become dangerous.

Challenger Master Yi Jungle Clear

Six Camp Jungle Path Blue Sentinel Start Blue Side JG Clear Guide
Six Camp Jungle Path Blue Sentinel Start Red Side JG Clear Guide

Pro Master Yi Jungle Path —full clear with a Blue Buff start

  • This Master Yi Jungle Path is a full jungle clear that starts on the Blue Sentinel. The goal is to kill the Blue Sentinel with Alpha Strike, unlock Wuju Style at level two and kill the Gromp & Wolves. This gives you level three, allowing you to unlock Meditation. Next up head over to the Red Buff's side of the jungle and clear the Raptors, Red Brambleback and Krugs. These level you up to level four, allowing you to upgrade Alpha Strike. Now you're able to go to the river to kill the Rift Scuttler. Afterwards, what most players do is gank and then recall or go for the second Rift Scuttler as well.
  • The Master Yi Jungle Clear explained above is great because it gives you longer Red Buff uptime for ganking and dueling the enemy jungler after your initial clear.

Jungle Route Summary

Six Camp Jungle Path Red Brambleback Start Blue Side JG Clear Guide
Six Camp Jungle Path Red Brambleback Start Red Side JG Clear Guide

Master Yi Jungle Path —full clear with a Red Buff start

  • This Master Yi Jungle Path consists of a full jg clear with a Red Buff start. Kill Red Brambleback with Alpha Strike and then he unlock Wuju Style upon reaching level two. Go ahead and clear the Krugs next, after which you'll be doing the Raptors. This gives you level three, unlock Meditation and path over to the Blue Buff side of the map to clear the Murk Wolves, Blue Sentinel and Gromp. At this point you'll be level four, upgrade Alpha Strike and clear the Rift Scuttler. After killing the Riftr Scuttler you can reset back to base or proceed to gank one of the lanes that are likely to score you a kill, or even go for the second Rift Scuttler.
  • This Master Yi Jungle Clear is what most people go with and the clear is generally a bit quicker than the Blue Buff variant, at the cost of losing the Red Buff soon after your clear is done.

Jungle Route Summary