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LoL Kindred Jungle Path S14, JG Routes, Jungle Clearing Guide And Build

Kindred Jungle Path And Build

In-depth Kindred Jungle pathing guide. Find the most popular Pro Kindred Jungle path, Season 14 jg routes and how to jungle clear with Kindred as a beginner. Including the highest win-rate Kindred jungle runes and item build for LoL Patch 14.14
Win Rate
Pick Rate
Ban Rate
30 / 60
Jungle Rank

Summoner Spells

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Kindred Jungle Runes

Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup De Grace
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force

Kindred Jungle Items

Skill Leveling Order


Kindred Jungle Tips and Tricks

  • Acquiring Mark of the Kindred stacks is incredibly important, but never invade the enemy jungler's camp unless you have vision or know that it's safe to do so! A lot of Kindred players seem to die for a stack— which is generally not worth it.
  • Dance of Arrows is a dash with very limited range but it does allow Kindred to jump over a few walls located in the jungle.
  • Wolf's Frenzy aura places Kindred's Dance of Arrows on a 4 second cooldown. Always try to cast Dance of Arrows before casting Wolf's Frenzy because those few seconds of cooldown can flip a fight in your favor.
  • At higher levels, carefully timing the third stack of Mounting Dread with Smite can result in 1.5k damage, allowing you to secure important objectives.
  • Lamb's Respite also works on Baron and Dragon which means that your or an enemies' Smite won't kill them!
  • If the enemy kills the Marked Rift Scuttler during your first clear, wait a a bit before killing the other Rift Scuttler. The Mark will appear on it shortly.

Master Kindred Jungle Clear

Six Camp Jungle Path Red Brambleback Start Blue Side JG Clear Guide
Six Camp Jungle Path Red Brambleback Start Red Side JG Clear Guide

Pro Kindred Jungle Path —full clear with a Red Buff start

  • The Pro Kindred Jungle Path is a six camp route with a Red Buff start which does benefit from allied help. At level one, start with Wolf's Frenzy and unlock Dance of Arrows upon leveling up after the Red Brambleback kill. Krugs are next on the kill list, and when those are dead go ahead and kill the Raptors. These grant you level three, unlocking Mounting Dread. Now move to clear the Murk Wolves, Blue Sentinel and Gromp— in this particular order. Though, Gromp can be done prior to the Blue Sentinel if the player prefers a faster Gromp spawn for the second clear. Now that you're level four, upgrade Dance of Arrows and grab the Rift Scuttler or gank one of the nearby lanes.
  • This Kindred Jungle Clear is really straightforward and even beginners can do it, the main challenge when it comes to Kindred is that they're rather squishy and weak in some early game matchups.

Jungle Route Summary

Six Camp Jungle Path Blue Sentinel Start Blue Side JG Clear Guide
Six Camp Jungle Path Blue Sentinel Start Red Side JG Clear Guide

Kindred Jungle Path —full clear with a Blue Buff start

  • This Kindred Jungle Path begins on the Blue Sentinel and once again unlock Wolf's Frenzy as your first skill. The goal is to complete a six camp clear by killing five more camps after the Blue Sentinel. At level two unlock Dance of Arrows and kill the Gromp & Murk Wolves. This levels you to level three so you can unlock the remaining skill— Mounting Dread. Head over to the Red Buff side of the map and kill the Raptors, Red Brambleback and Krugs. Once those are dead upgrade Dance of Arrows, the last monster on this route is the Rift Scuttler. Getting an early Rift Scuttler kill is important because it has a Mark and now you can attempt to gank a lane, invade the enemy jungler.
  • The Kindred Jungle Clear shown above is great if you'd like to avoid the enemy jungler and you'll also have longer uptime of Red Buff which can make ganks more successful.

Jungle Route Summary