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LoL Zac Jungle Path S13, JG Routes, Jungle Clearing Guide And Build

Zac Jungle Path And Build

In-depth Zac Jungle pathing guide. Find the most popular Pro Zac Jungle path, Season 13 jg routes and how to jungle clear with Zac as a beginner. Including the highest win-rate Zac jungle runes and item build for LoL Patch 13.11
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Zac Jungle Runes

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Zac Jungle Tips and Tricks

  • When Zac's Cell Division is triggered, an ally can cast Teleport onto one of the blobs to make the blob immune to damage. This allows Zac to be revived, buying the team a lot of time and in most cases allowing the Zac to successfully flee.
  • Zac has insanely powerful ganks and he can achieve those by using the combo: Elastic Slingshot, Let's Bounce and Stretching Strikes if they try to run. Stretching Strikes is incredible for early game ganks because Zac can hit an enemy with Stretching Strikes & basic attack a minion or turret to pull them closer to it.
  • Remember to pick up the blobs after casting spells because each blob heals Zac for a percentage of his maximum health.
  • Zac's damage output is very high in comparison to other tank champions. He's able to dish out a lot of area of effect damage and crowd control which makes him an incredible teamfight champion.

Grandmaster Zac Jungle Clear

Pro Zac Jungle Path —full clear with a leashless Murk Wolves start

  • The Pro Zac Jungle Path begins on the Murk Wolves and it is a really advanced pathing that only experienced players should attempt in ranked games. Zac is able to clear the Wolves leashless by utilizing the area of effect damage from Unstable Matter. After killing the Wolves, Zac reaches level two which allows him to unlock Stretching Strikes. This allows him to pull the Blue Buff and Gromp together in order to clear them at the same time. It will be required to smite one of them in order to not die. After clearing these, Zac is level three and unlocks Elastic Slingshot. Next up he moves towards the Red Buff side of the map and clears the Raptors, Red Buff and Krugs. This clear ends at around 3:30 at best, meaning that the rift Scuttler has already spawned quite a while ago— and most probably is dead. Zac continues onto the Top/Bottom lane to do a gank and then checks the river in case the Scuttler is still alive. If it isn't, the Zac player can attempt to gank mid, or recall and get the opposite Scuttler instead.
  • This Zac Jungle Clear is very greedy as it tries to get a full clear (including a Scuttler) with Zac's mediocre early game jungling. Only the most experienced Zac players pull it off consistently as it requires a lot of skill to make it in time for one of the Scuttler kills, while also doing a gank. New Zac players could adapt this clear by not doing the Krugs camp, which makes this a six camp clear that can arrive to Scuttler on time.
  • If you want to practice this Zac jg route, check out DWG Canyon's and FNC Bwipo's Zac replays on youtube.

Jungle Route Summary

Beginner Zac Jungle Path —six camp clear with a Red Buff start

  • The Beginner Zac Jungle Path starts on the Red Brambleback, you will require a leash from your team as Unstable Matter doesn't have enough single target damage to clear it quick enough. On level two you'll unlock Stretching Strikes (Elastic Slingshot could be fine too) & clear the Raptors camp. At this point you will move towards the Blue Buff side of the jungle to clear the Wolves, Blue Sentinel and Gromp. While pulling the Gromp and Sentinel with Stretching Strikes can make your clear faster, it is not required and you can do them one by one if you're inexperienced. At level three unlock Elastic Slingshot and head over to the rift Scuttler. Even the most average Zac player will arrive in time for the Scuttler spawn with this clear route, so killing the Scuttler shouldn't be a problem. After the Scuttler kill you can head over to gank one of the lanes connected to the Scuttler's riverside.
  • This Zac Jungle Clear is a very easy route that every beginner should be able to do pull off consistently. The route also makes you arrive on the Scuttler's side with the most priority & ways to run away.

Jungle Route Summary

Fast gank Zac Jungle Path —lvl 3 gank with a Blue Buff start

  • This Zac Jungle Path is a lvl 3 fast gank route which features a full jungle clear with a start on the Blue Buff. You'll unlock Unstable Matter and kill the Blue Sentinel and this grants you level two. At this point you'll unlock Stretching Strikes to kill the Gromp & Murk Wolves. Clearing these makes Zac level 3, unlocking Elastic Slingshot, which makes him ready to gank. Gank the middle lane by getting behind the opponent and then continue to the Red Buff side of your jungle to clear the Raptors, Red Buff and Krugs. It might be worth noting that if the gank goes bad, you should skip the Krugs camp and kill the rift Scuttler after doing Red Buff. Lastly, after the Scuttler kill you can then path into a gank on the bottom/top lane and finish the clear by doing Krugs last.
  • This Zac Jungle Clear grants the player a lot of early-game gank pressure that can result in a lot of easy kills if the enemies don't have ways to escape.

Jungle Route Summary